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Todd Gerleman’s Flexibility is His Greatest Strength

September 15, 2017
Many believe it is Todd Gerleman’s flexibility that makes him one of the best in the mortgage business when it comes to dealing with the myriad regulatory changes that seem to happen quite often. However, his ability to find a mortgage solution for each and every client as an individual is also quite impressive and may reflect roughly the same tendency. Todd’s ability to find a mortgage solution that makes everyone happy and keeps them within the budget they set for themselves is the stuff of legend. If someone is looking for Todd these days, they will find him in the Edina, Minnesota office of Finance Of America, LLC. He loves working there because of the wide range of unique services they offer. He is especially fond of taking advantage of in-house underwriting and processing services because those help him get the best possible deal for his clients and to do so without having to scour the country to find those services.

Todd Gerleman works very hard, not just in the mortgage business and finding the best possible loans for his clients. He also established Gman Marketing Services in 2009 and runs that to the best of his ability. This finely tuned Internet marketing company reflects Todd Gerleman’s staunch belief that it is remarkably important to set strong goals for success and then do whatever is necessary to accomplish those goals. Obviously, what he does works; as a business, Gman Marketing Services is thriving, based mostly on new clients who are referred to Gman through positive experiences working with Todd.

Likely due to his considerable business success, Todd Gerleman has decided to apply the same sort of approach to his personal life. He absolutely devours self-help books, especially those by Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar and he attempts to emulate them in everything he does. He also has chosen to eats a healthy, plant-based diet and to exercise every chance he gets, including a run and a strong workout nearly every day of his life. He enjoys the health benefits, of course, but he also likes the way it makes him feel less stressed and anxious.